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Company profile

Huajin group which commenced operations in 2005 is a leading cold rolled carbon steel and its downstream products processor in Guangdong Province now, and was recognized as high and new technology enterprises in the PRC. 澳门一号官方网址 mainly produces high-quality cold-rolled steel, steel tubes and galvanized steel and they are well-equipped with all kinds of equipment for processing flat, slitting, cutting and other services to meet the needs of immediate downstream customers. The headquarter of 澳门一号官方网址 is situated at the beautiful place, Xinhui, Jiangmen, which is an important location in the Pearl River Delta area. Important river and highways nearby enables maritime and land transportation modes to more conveniently and effectively interconnected.

There are around 1,200 employees in the company. The group covers an area of 280,000 square meters. The site area of 澳门一号官方网址’s headquarter is about 280,000 square meters with a gross floor area of about 150,000 square meters. There are advanced machineries and equipment including four-stand tandem cold rolling mill, 930mm, 1000mm, 1150mm, 1450mm high precision reversing cold mills, medium frequency welded tubes production line, high speed and high precision cutting and slitting line and galvanizing line.

澳门一号官方网址 purchased advanced machineries and equipment as listed below: 950mm coupled pickling line and tandem cold rolling mill, 1450mm single stand 6-high reversing cold mill and continuous hot-dip galvanizing line.

Logistics and Delivery

The development of the society raise higher request on logistics and delivery, so more advanced and scientific logistics system needs to be created.We signed strategic transport protocols with other logistics companies which have a fleet of around 100 delivery vehicles, including heavy tractors and heavy truck. With advanced logistics data platform and effective management on production and distribution, we could ensure on-time delivery to our customers’ destinations by reducing the extent of damage to the products in transit, transportation cost and warehousing cost to our customers.


Huajin group has established sincere cooperation relationship with thousands of customers which include health care, sports and fitness equipment, information technology products, wind power, cars and motorcycles, household hardware, etc. inside and outside the province over the past decade.

Future Plans

For extending the industrial chain and scaling up the company, we will build up an industrial park of equipment manufacturing. At the end of 2017, Jiangmen Huajin successfully bid for the land use rights of the industrial land located at Zhoulang Village, Gujing Town, Xinhui District, Jiangmen, with an aggregate site area of approximately 284,860 sq. m.

We will dedicate to providing customers with quality products and services. Other key elements in 澳门一号官方网址 include cohesive, loyal, continuous improvement, innovative but prudent business strategies, growth and drive for excellence, 澳门一号官方网址 having a strong and unified corporate culture will create successful business growth and brand building process.

The year of 2016 marked an important milestone for 澳门一号官方网址 and the shares of Huajin International Holdings Limited were successfully listed on the main board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited. The corporate culture and innovation at 澳门一号官方网址 are lifelines of each 澳门一号官方网址 people that tremendously contributed to the group’s success.

Welcome to visit our company with your guidance. We are committed to contributing to the society and will surely lead 澳门一号官方网址 to a bright future.

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